Mavs Envision Dirk + Co As Non-20-PPG Team

      DALLAS - The Mavs on Tuesday unveiled the collection of veteran newcomers to the team for this year, unveiled a new alternative uniform to be worn in 2015, and - in a change for the ages - unveiled the concept of a team so balanced that it doesn't wish Dirk Nowitzki to be a 20-point scorer.

      Mavs Half-Empty V Half-Full (Pick-And-Roll)

      The glass is half-full? You bet it is, thanks to what I envision in the Monta/TY pick-and-roll. The glass is half-empty? With Chandsome replacing Trix, yeah, maybe. Welcome to 'Mavs Half-Empty Vs. Mavs Half-Full' ... the start of today's 'Meet The Mavs' coverage on!

      Mavs Monday Donuts: Join Us To Meet The Team!

      It's time to 'Meet The Mavs' ... To say fond farewells to Trix and Jet ... to get inspired by TY ... and to ride a camel into Mavs HQ with Devin and Parsons ... It's Mavs Monday Donuts!

      Mavs Dirk: 'Looking For Freedom' Video

      That Dirk Nowitzki/David Hasselhoff thing continues to chase The UberMan. To his credit, the Mavs icon doesn't run away from it ... but rather, plunges headfirst into it.

      Mavs Donuts: Pissin', Pranks + Prejudice

      The Pissin' Piston ... Adam Silver moved waaaay to quickly in jumping to the defense of Danny Ferry, a conclusion you'll draw once you hear his 'African' audio ... West goes East ... The TY Q-and-A ... Harden-Hating is a hoot! ... It's Wednesday Morning Mavs Donuts!

      Monday Mavs Donuts: The Tyson Chandler Q-n-A

      Mavericks center Tyson Chandler recently joined 'Ben & Skin' for a stirring sit-down. has put together a Q-and-A highlight reel for your reading pleasure in Mavs Donuts:

      Mavs Donuts: Racism There, Camels Here

      We're serving up 'Race Talk' over here, delivered by camels over there, with a plate of 'Mom's Spaghetti' and a dessert, as always, of Mavs Donuts!

      Mavs Donuts: Knuckleheads + Prima Donnas

      'Knuckleheads and Prima Donnas' meet 'The Dirk Dimension' ... Should Greg Monroe be a Dallas target? ... What's in the Mavs cupboard for Rajon Rondo ... Who you callin' a 'loser,' loser?! ... Mavs Donuts!

      Mavs Eyeing Zoran Dragic? The Inside Answer

      Zoran Dragic is a 6-5 shooting guard, who can play defense, represents a Mavs foreign connection, is the younger brother of the gifted Goran Dragic, and certainly fits a need in Dallas. One media outlet even says Dallas is negotiating with the Euro standout. What's the real deal? Come inside Mavs HQ:

      Mavs Update: Villanueva Signs With Dallas

      On Monday morning, sources told the Mavs were pursuing a non-guaranteed deal with free-agent Charlie Villanueva. It's now a done deal and there's a 'shooter's-chance' logic to the agreement.

      Mavs Donuts: NBA Offseason Bottom-10 Losers

      The 75-Member Staff has convinced itself that Dallas experienced a 'winner' offseason. So here's to the losers: A countdown of The NBA Bottom-10 Offseason Losers:

      Mavs + Felton: Doesn't Have To Be 'Black Eye'

      Could Raymond Felton - to some the Mavs' lone 'offseason black eye' - turn out to be a valuable asset in Dallas? At the risk of sounding like a contrarian, I say 'yes.'